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July 21, 2012

He played a HUGE role in making our dream wedding a reality.

Katie & Drew
Bride & Groom
Carrigan Farms

Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings have you done?

Over a Thousand of Ceremonies & Receptions since 1988 between Asheville, Charlotte & New Castle PA.

Will you be our DJ the day of?

The person you have your initial meeting with, WILL be your DJ.

What is your attire?

Our standard attire is black pants with a button down shirt & tie.

Do you take Breaks?

We do not.  Should we need to take care of something, we will do so during a longer song, between mixes.

Do you require a table or linen for your set up?

No we do not. Spintastic Sounds is totally self sufficient. We usually wind up assisting other vendors (Who forgot something) because we traditionally come well prepared & bring more than we need.

What does your setup look like?

Very Professional & Clean. We are there to be heard, not seen. Our Charlotte Division has Floor Speakers with a black curtain between them. "No tables or cables..." we like to say... Our Asheville Division has Floor Speakers with a milk glass façade & color wash between them, again, "No tables or cables..."

Is there an extra charge for set-up & tear down?

No. You pay for performance time only.

Is overtime possible?

Yes, as long as the venue & the other vendors envolved, are OK with the extra time.

Do you have a song list we can choose from?

Yes. We will provide you with a link to our interactive site where you can give us as much input for your special day, as you would like.

What are your packages & rates?

We will be happy to send you an email with all of the information. Most of our packages are four hours and the sound equipment is the same. Where our packages differ is in the desired lighting accompaniment.

How do you get people dancing and keep them dancing?

By reading the dance floor and changing the music accordingly. We love a playlist of your favorites as well as a DO NOT PLAY LIST. We try and work in as many of your favorites as the event will allow. We also take requests from your guests, however, we will not play ANYTHING that is inappropriate at your event regardless of who requests it even though all our music is at least the radio edited versions.

Where may we see you in action? Or do you have a video we may view?

Unfortunately, we primarily do private weddings. Just as I would not invite someone to your wedding... I cannot invite you to someone else's... There is a brief video on our website, As well as many stellar testimonials from past clients to assist in your decision making process. We will also get you in direct contact with as many past clients as you would like to speak with in person.

Where do you get your music?

All of our older music, before the mid 1990's was taken directly from the original CDs and loaded into our iMac.  We get our new music legally from a subscription service.  The same company that supplies the Radio Stations.  All our newer music is at least the "Radio Edit" version.

What music format do you use?

All our music is loaded in Wave form.  We do not run MP3s.  This allows us to produce the best possible sound quality for your event.  It is just like playing the original CD...

What if you do not have one of my "special songs" in your collection?

We are always available to discuss your music needs for your upcoming event.  We will always sit down about a month before your date and do the planning meeting.  All songs are discussed in detail at that time.  Song title, artist, exact version etc...  While it is rare for us not to have a Ceremony or Special Dance Reception song, it does happen.  We will then do everything in our power to legally obtain the desired version before your event.  The only thing we CAN NOT DO is illegally download from YouTube or anywhere else on the internet.  We will NOT play directly from the internet at your event either.  That too is illegal.  We must have a pruchased, or physical copy to play from.

What is the difference in your Up-Lighting and everyone else's?

Our Up-Lighting show is the only one of its kind in the Charlotte area.  Most of the rental Up-Lighting in the area is simple can lights.  Spintastic Sound’s Up-Lighting is controlled by the DJ at all times. The system has the option of being a single color or multiple colors.  It may also be sound activated to change with the music… (Typically once the dance floor is opened and the formalities are finished). You can have just about any color(s) washed onto the walls & ceiling of the entire event room.  We even have the ability to color match a color swatch if needed.  Once in place, The system casts a nice warm mood and personal flare in place of normal white walls for your event...  It literally changes any room providing it with a whole new look...

How much of a deposit do you require?

$100 with your signed contract.

How soon do we need to book you for our date?

As soon as possible.  We have some bookings as far out as a year and a half...  For Weddings, the months of April, May & June are very popular here in the Carolina's... As well as September & October...  Saturdays always go fastest but we will play any day of the week if you wish...