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September 08, 2017

If you want a stress-free, professional and fun DJ, this is your guy!

Meg & Dan
Bride & Groom
Antler Hill Village, Biltmore

What A Night…!

The reason I have been in this business for 22 years is the group I had the pleasure of parting with last night. Before I get started though, for the record, this may come off as a "plug the players" blog...However it is not that at all. I simply want to give credit where credit is due because it WAS THAT MUCH FUN! So here we go....

I was pleased to be at one of my favorite venues, the Ranson House in Huntersville, NC ( for the Allison Sawicki & Ethan Dodson wedding. Not only did they have the perfect weather, but a FABULOUS group of friends and family! The Dance floor never had an empty spot. They danced to EVERYTHING I threw at them.... The floral touch was provided by Leslie Leffel of Events in Bloom. ( And the colors were STUNNING! Orange, Pink & Green were the highlights with Rosemary scattered throughout... Combined with the LED colored Up-lighting from us... well lets just say the pictures tell the story...

You get the idea however, my pictures are not the best... For the great stuff you need the professionals... Photography was provided by Derek Godfrey of Wedding Media Group out of Atlanta, GA ( & The Videography was provide by Josh Norman of In His Service Productions LLC ( It was a beautiful night to top off a four show weekend for us. Events like this are a true pleasure to be envolved with...From the guests to my fellow vendors, a great time was had by all! Allison & Ethan, I wish you both all the best and congratulations! DJ TA


Take your event up a notch or TWO! Try our ALL LED UP-LIGHTING. You pick the color(s) and we light it up and change the feel of just about ANY room! Copy this link to this past weekends reception. 


The years come and go...The economy rises & falls...& event businesses form & fold... Yet, Spintastic Sounds is still here... How or why you ask? We do one thing and we do it REALLY well. Our SOUL business is ENTERTAINING your guests. Yet, Spintastic Sounds is more than just a business name. It is a PERSONALITY... a VOICE... a HEART ...& a SOUL that breathes 24 hrs a day... The PERSONALITY of three men and a lady, that goes into making your event special, no matter how grand or intimate the venue... The VOICE that answers your first contact with a phone call instead of an email, because we believe the first impression should have a voice behind it... A HEART that beats faster every time we talk to a new or existing client about their upcoming event & it's possibilities... A SOUL that warms you with up-lighting, grooves you long into the night with impeccable music selections, & dazzles you under the jewel toned dance lights... So leave the food, flowers, photography, & videography to other vendors... Leave the SOUL of your EVENT to SPINTASTIC SOUNDS... We'll leave the wanting more... DJ TA

New LED UP-LIGHTing Possibilities!

Our Charlotte & Asheville locations are proud to announce the finalizing of our new Up-Lighting shows! Change the color of almost ANY room with our new LED Up-Lighting! In addition to our already impressive ALL LED Dance Lighting Shows, you may now color just about any surface with light. You may choose from almost any color of the rainbow. Low power consuming, eco friendly LED lights enable us to color the walls, ceilings & even floors of your event. Change the mood, match your wedding colors, the possibilities are almost endless... Check out our pictures & video section, or ask Todd or Pat about the the possibilities!


Wow! Spintastic Sounds would like to thank all of our current and perspective clients. We are off to a GREAT year. Bookings are steadily filling up the calendar... We are already into 2011! Don't sweat, There are still some great dates left for 2010... but please do not wait till the last few months of your schedule to contact us. We see it time & time again, the entertainment is the LAST thing booked and the budget is cooked. Don't short change your special day... Contact Spintastic Sounds TODAY! We want to help you make your day the BEST it can be for you and your guests!